Mom is a uniquely positive and loving person.

Never in word, but by who she is, she teaches me what’s important. She treats everyone equally well, no matter how important or unimportant others think they are. She goes straight to the person in the room others ignore to make that person feel special. She chooses to enjoy everyone and every day. She forgives faults and helps others without being asked. She has a genuinely Christian heart. And even after a week in a hospital and moments after struggling for breath, she’ll throw a party and start dancing to music in her bed.

I try to make her example real in my own choices. I pick friends who enjoy life. I work well with people who are passionate about service. I like real conversations about things that matter. I married a woman of sincere faith, humility and love for others. And in dealing with ALS or the loss of loved ones, I take Mom’s lead in focusing not on the end, but on the great blessings we can celebrate today.

Mom is what is good is in me.